Today was a big day

Life has been very challenging lately and tomorrow I'm going to hide away and have a me day.  Sure, that's really going to happen!

0600 hrs - Awake after only 5 hours of terrible sleep.  Late night at Jack Sparrow's 21st birthday family BBQ, which was a great evening meeting his family and friends.  

0700 - Feeling pretty awful, broke the side clean off a molar that is currently undergoing root canal therapy mid afternoon yesterday.

0715hrs - Up and out feeding critters in my pj's.

0730hrs - Tub of yogurt for breakfast, too scared to eat anything with tooth in an awful mess, Dear Husband not very good at making me feel any better over the phone.

0830hrs - Emergency dental appointment, now my tooth has a great big stainless steel band right around it and a very large temporary filling in it.  Ouch!

Spent rest of morning figuring out how to join a nursing association online, organising and paying for professional indemnity insurance and then sorting out a Working With Children Check (WWCC).  Starting a new job next week which is a bit daunting having not worked in a General Practice setting for over 20 years.  I spoke with new boss over the phone and sorted out a start time and hours, now I'm feeling a bit excited about this new chapter of my nursing career that I had thought was finished.   

Washing done, coop cleaned, blow and sweep outdoor area, garbage out for collection tomorrow and found myself a soggy lunch (tooth very sore), Try to sit quietly for an hour with my crochet but Darling Daughter (DD) needs help picking up some shoes later in the afternoon.  Mum can manage everything, right! 

1500 hrs - Off to town to pay for WWCC,  drop off a whole boot load of stuff to a local charity store, pick up shoes for DD then wait for the chook truck to arrive at the local produce store.  My beautiful laying hen Sybil won the battle for the almost dead (poisoned) mouse but lost the war (died) a week ago.   Finally point of lay Edith secured in the front seat in a cardboard box.  

Spoke with my sister The Farmers Wife and she has a had a huge day packing up, cleaning up and closing up our little Kindrawares shop.  Sad time for both of us but there are plans for some market appearances in the future for our quirky wares.   

Home I go to try and introduce Edith to our in residence layer Cora.  Not a happy meeting, lots of pecking order shenanigans going on.  * Just checked on them at 2000 hrs and Edith hasn't been allowed into the inner coop roosting area or nest box of Cackleberry House.  I grabbed the napping girl and bunged her in the warm cozy sleeping quarters, it's a dreary rainy night so I thought this best.

1800hrs - Fed all the crazy critters again and did the composting of the chook poop and kitchen scraps.    

I very nearly burst into tears when DH decided that I should be able to talk to him if I'm on the home phone with my BFF if he keeps ringing and ringing on my mobile because he can't get through on the home phone!  

1930 hrs - I had very soggy interrupted lonely dinner that was most un-enjoyable due to banded tender tooth. 

2015 hrs - One more incoming phone call, I just can't do it.  My mum leaves a message.  I know she wants a driver to get her to her sisters 80th birthday this Saturday, only a 9 hour return trip. Will deal with this in the morning when I'm feeling more myself.  Also promise to return messages with two other dear friends who have touched base with me today.  

2100 hrs - Showered and in bed with a cup of peppermint tea feeling sorry for myself.  I need a hug from my husband.  Impossible!

Dear Husband has decided he has to have his dream job 4 1/2 hours away from here and will make home visits maybe every couple of weeks or so.  This is a permanent arrangement as he resigned from his local job of almost 25 years to take up this new job two weeks ago.  How long will he be away?  A minimum of 3 years and probably closer to 10!  Am I happy?  Not one bit!  Did I have any say in the matter?  No I didn't!  This is not how I want to live after 28 years together.  

I think I really need a big sleep and I'm sure everything will look better in the morning sunshine.  

I hope Edith survives the night.